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Mozilla Guarat QA 1st Meetup

Are you passionate about making Firefox better for people who love it? Are you interested in learning about and contribute with QA and Testing? Then come, join us at our 1st introductory meetup for Firefox QA.

Date: 4th February, 2017.
Time: 02:00pm to 04:00pm
Venue: TBD

This is your golden chance to get started with open source contribution in Mozilla. In this introductory meetup, Mozilla QA contributor Moin and Haard will share knowledge about QA & Testings and will teach you on how to get started with QA contribution in Mozilla. You will also learn various QA contribution opportunities at Mozilla.

Moin & Haard will be speaking and sharing about:


  • Introduction to QA – What does QA do? Why QA is important for us.
  • Introduction to various QA teams and projects at Mozilla
  • Introduction to Firefox channels
  • Introduction to Firefox Release Cycle
  • How to get started with QA at Mozilla.
    • Firefox Bug Verification
    • Firefox Bug Triage
    • Firefox Testdays
  • Introduction to Buzilla

Register now for the Mozilla Gujarat QA Meetup and learn about various QA contribution areas with Mozilla.

We are excited to host and teach you about QA at Mozilla!

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