Cyber Security Session at Nirma University


After the launch of MozNirma- the Mozilla Student Club Chapter of Institute Of Technology, Nirma University. The club has come up with their first event which was based on the session of cyber security, this session was conducted on 4, March 2017, Saturday by Sumit Rajput on behalf of Mozilla Gujarat.

Session :-

The Event was started at 10 AM with the introductory speech of the speaker Mr.Sumit Rajput which was given by Mr.Jayneel Vora- the Active leader of Mozilla Nirma Campus Club.

After the speech given by Mr.Jayneel Vora,the Session was lead by Mr.sumit Rajput who gave a speech on Mozilla where he also described same interesting facts on the topics like online Threats, Vulnerabilities, Prevention, Digital Privacy, and Security.

Mr.Sumit Rajput continued spreading the awareness in between the student of Nirma university by making them aware about the Mozilla Activities, Open Source Projects and also gave them Information about the Mozilla Gujarat Community.

Students were enjoying the session with a curious and enthusiastic face. After Introducing them to open source projects and activities that Mozilla does.  Then the session was taken to a next level by introducing the students about same Different Kind of Attacks that are being performed in Cyber World with Demonstrations.

Mr,Sumit Rajput was also Awaking the students by Showing them the Ways to Secure
themselves with this kind of Attacks and Threats.

Ending the session:-

The Session was ended up with the conclusion which was “The More We are Aware, the Less we need to worry about Online Threats”.

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