The series of cyber security session continues at Nirma University.


After the launch of MozillaNirma- the Mozilla Student Club Chapter of Institute Of Technology, Nirma University. The club has come up with their second event which was based on the session of cyber security, this session was conducted on 15th, March 2017, Saturday.The event was conducted by Mr.Sumit Rajput and  Mr.Moin Sheikh on behalf of Mozilla Gujarat.

Event 2:

Session :-

The Event was started at 4 pm with the enthusiastic student of institute if technology, Nirma University. Therefore a Knowledgeable talk was started by the speaker Mr.Sumit Rajput on the topic called “creation of threats” in the world of cyber security.

Mr.Sumit Rajput continued spreading the awareness in between the student of Nirma university by making them aware of the creation of threats in cyber security and the Students were enjoying the session with a curious and enthusiastic face.

Then the session was followed by Mr.Moin Sheikh, where he gave the introductory speech on the GitHub.

Ending the session:-


The session had come to an end at 6 PM in the evening, but before that, the students had a considerable and interesting Q&A( Question and Answer) session with Mr.Sumit Rajput.



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