Happy Birthday RowdyMehul!!!!!

” Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile”

In this fast moving life of 21st century, everyone is running and trying to achieve something whether money, fame or anything which they dream of. It has some advantages and have some disadvantages too. People have stopped helping each other, spending quality time and smiling. Yes! People are less happy these days and more tensed. Although, the happy human beings didn’t went totally extinct but are scattered around different parts of the world.
We are fortunate enough to find one of the happy and cheerful creation of God, who always works for others without having some personal intentions and loves to make others happy too. He is none other than our own Mozillian (#MozillaReps) Sir Mehul Patel.

He started as a Mozilla Reprentative almost 1.5 years ago and now he is one of the rising stars of Indian Community. He has helped to not only initiate and grow Mozilla Gujarat Community but also helped other individuals to make a mark at Mozilla Community.
Other than helping people and bringing happiness, Mehul sir has a hobby of travelling. He travels to different parts of India and his favourite places include Nashik and Ahemadabad. He is also very active in different social media platforms and loves to use different kinds of hashtags to express his feelings. He is a foodie and loves to eat a lot. A tech geek by profession, he is a hardworking individual, a master in organising events and loves talking to people.

On his birthday, we wish him all the luck and success for his future endeavors. Stay Blessed :’)
“Its the perfect time to give a good start to another year. It’s the time to feel good about everything. May you get everything, you wish with every passing year”
                                     HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROWDY MEHUL

To send your wishes, comment down below. Share any photograph or any memory and wish him a very happy birthday.

[PS- Wanted a beautiful girl for rowdy, smart and handsome boy from a reputed family. Loves Dhokla. Contact-You can contact him on Telegram @rowdymehul (Privacy Matters) :P.
*If there are more no. of applicants, the bride will be selected on first come first serve basis]

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