The MozCoffee meetup in Vadodara


After the launch of Parul University Mozilla Club – the Mozilla Student Club Chapter of Parul Polytechnic Institute, Parul University. The club has come up with their second event which was based on the considerable saga of Mozcoffee meetup in CCD(Vadodara), this session was conducted on,21th may 2017, Sunday.The event was organized by Sumed Mistry(Campus club leader).

Event :-

Discussion in the Meetup:-

The meetup was started at 11 AM with a short discussion on why the meetup was organized?- the answer was concluded by Mr.Sumed Mistry(Campus Club Leader) that the goal of the meetup was to plan events in Vadodara.

Then the discussion came to the new point when the idea of conducting the seminars on introduction to Mozilla in different schools of  Vadodara.

The team was more enthusiastic for conducting the seminars on the topics like robotics, online Threats, Vulnerabilities, Prevention, Digital Privacy, and Security, with adding to this the team was also interested in doing the workshops on Rust,webVR, PCB making and IOT.

The team was enjoying the meetup with a curious and enthusiastic face with the addition of their interactive participation in the discussion which made the environment more social and positive.

Ending the meetup:-

the coffee meetup was ended at 12:30 pm with the last sip of coffee and the team concluded that the goals which have been planned will be implemented as soon as possible.

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  1. Megha wrote on :

    Good work and best of luck for d further events. 🙂


  2. yuvrajsinh wrote on :

    😍Good work guyzz..
    Keep it up🙌
    & all the best for our further events👍


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