The saga of Rust Camp continues in Vadodara


After the launch of Parul University Mozilla Club – the Mozilla Student Club Chapter of Parul Polytechnic Institute, Parul University. The club has come up with their third event which was based on the topic called the “Rain Of Rust”, at Yuvalay, 4th-floor Pancham Icon Building, Near D-Mart, Vasna Road, Vadodara on,13th June 2017, Tuesday.

event 3:-

Event organizers:-

The event and session was organized by –

Sumed Mistry

-Megha Petal

-Smit Bhanusali

Speakers :-

Mehul Patel

Viral Parmar

Discussion of the session :-

The meet up was started at 11 AM, with the introductory speech on Rust programming language which was considerably started by the humble speaker Mr. Viral permar.

Then the session was handed over to the hamble speaker Mr.Mehul Patel. Who took over the session to the next level by explaining the basics of coding in the rust lunguage.

where he elaborated and explained the first stage that was how to install the Rust programming language in the individual’s device.He took forward the event by explaining the importance of the programming language as well as in between the tech speech he was very conversational to the mob by creating the positive open source environment.

Were the mob was also enjoying the session with a curious and enthusiastic face. They were eager to ask questions to the speaker and gain more knowledge on the rust progaramming lanuage.

The speaker was also humbly listening to the questions of the individuals and then answering to them one by one.

End of the session :-

The session had came to an end at 1:30 PM , where the speaker had concluded all the doubts of the mob.

But one student was there who wanted one on one conversation with the speaker Mehul Patel, hence the humble speaker agreed for solving his doubts and take a review of the event.

After the mob leaving the venue, the organizers and the speakers were interviewed by the reporters who were dedicated to the newspaper called “Divya Bhaskar“.

Special thanks : – To the venue parters – Yuvalay Elab and to the News Paper – Divya Bhaskar”


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  1. Susheel Kumar s wrote on :

    Excellent and congratulations
    Best of luck for future events


  2. yuvrajsinh parmar wrote on :

    Good job guyzz😍
    Keep it up👍


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