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Projections – 18 Hackathon




Projections is a Technical Festival which is organized by Parul University.Whereas this year the theme of this event was military which was having an interesting tagline which was said to be like “Honoring all who served”.Here in this event more than 38+ different Technical, Non-technical events, special events, workshops, Guest lectures, Fun events, Start-Up Exhibition, Start-Up Competition etc was been organized in Projections – 18.

Where in Projections – 18, there was a considerable Pre-Projections event which was named as the Projections – 18 Hackathon. The event was considered to be conducted on the 3rd and 4th March 2018 at Parul University. where the event was supported by SSIP and was powered by Mozilla. Whereas his event was the 2 day and 36-hour cording fest for the 46 teams and 175 tech geeks participating, where they had to cord on the problem statements based on the theme given –Military and the Smart-city.

 Coordinated By-

  • Sumed Mistry
  • Krima Patel
  • Smit vyas
  • Vaibhavi patel
  • Urvish patel

Day one:-

The event was kick-started with the registrations of the young teams at 8:00 Am and the Hackathon was considered to be opened for coding at 8:30 am with the ceremony of inauguration, where the inspiring speech was given by Mr. Shantanu Chakravarty sir.

The young brains had come with many innovative ideas to surpass the challenges which were considered to be of open development themes army or military as well as SmartCity.Each and every team which participated was very much enthusiastic, hence by considering their enthusiasm the seminar hall was converted into the saga of the positive environment of coding competition.

As the completion was seeking ahead, the mentors and the Judges of the event – Mr. Nikhil Suthar, (founders of Profism), Mr.Viraj (lecher at Parul Parul Polytechnic Institute ) , Mr.Rutvik (Lecher at parul University ) and Mr.Akshay Koshti (Mozilla Representative) in the library seminar hall at 10:30 Am.

At 1:00 Pm the 1st judging round started after the lunch, Where the judges had to judge the teams on the basis of their ideas.The humble judges went to each and every team and considered to observe and understand the ideas by questioning them, where the coordinators  –  Mr.Smit Vyas and Mr.Urvish patel escorted them.Hence, on the basis of the question and answer round the individual teams had got their marks in the first round.

After the first judging round which was considered to be completed at 7:00 Pm and then there was the time to seek for the dinner for the participants at 8:00 Pm.

After the dinner, the participants were back on their cording and focusing on the improvement told to be done by the judges for the 2 judging round.

As the first day was coming to the end at 11:00 pm the participants wanted to take small neap hence, for that the Projection core team had considered the library seminar hall next to the reading hall for the rest.

Day Two:-

The day 2, this was started at 12:00 Am. In the reading hall where the event was conducted, it was seeking a relaxing time where the teams which had participated where allowed taking small naps and had stress free time by listing to the music they wanted.

At 2:00 pm, which was the time for the tech geeks to have midnight snacks which were thankfully arranged by the core team of projection 18.

After the midnight snakes the participants were back on their idea implementation, as well as they were free to be relaxed and take nap. All this time the core team and the Hackathon team of projections were there to seek the event management.

As the time passed from dusk to dawn at 6:00 Am with the first light of the sun, the participates had started getting fresh as well as coding and reach the expectation of the judges.

At 8:00 Am, the participants were gone for their breakfast and after the completion of the breakfast the participants where seeking forward for the 2nd judging round.

The second judging round had started at 11:00 Am, as the two Judges.Rutvik (Lecher at parul University ) and Mr.Akshay Koshti (Mozilla Representative) had arrived at the event venue which was considered to be the reading hall.

At 1:00 pm, the students had their lunch and the 2nd round of judging was continued at 2:00 Pm as the Third judge Mr.Pranshu Khanna(Mozilla Representative) arrived at the venue and joined the judges for the round.where the volunteer – Yuvrajsinh Parmar and vasu Gandhi.

The judging round compiled at 5:00 Pm with a GD sensation done with the teams who had the same choice of the problem statements of the considerable theme.


Ending of the event:-


At 5:30 Pm the coding fest was considered to be announced closed. Whereas, at 6:00 Pm the participated mob had gathered for the results announcement of the Hackathon.

On one side the judges, as well as the mentors, were discussing for the final results of the winners, Where on the other side the mob of participates were in tension.Hence to reduce this stressful environment, the participation certificate was declared and given with the Mozilla swags(Mozilla stickers) to each and every team participated.

At 6:30 pm the Judges had come up to the stage for inspiring the hard work of the participants.

At 6:45 pm the prize distribution ceremony started with the announcement of the 3rd winners,

1st prizes had gone to the “Technogenesis“.

” where they were distributed with the certificates as well as with the cash prizes of 40 Thousand Rupees.”

The –2nd prize had gone to the “Tree – Trons

” where they were distributed with the certificates as well as with the cash prizes of 20 Thousand Rupees.”

The 3nd prize had gone to the “Codex

” where they were distributed with the certificates as well as with the cash prizes of 10 Thousand rupees.”

At 7:30 Pm the Hackathon was ended and concluded with success. Hence, this leads to the organizing team photograph.






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