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The Mozilla boot camp




After the launch of Parul University Mozilla Club – the Mozilla Student Club Chapter of Parul Polytechnic Institute, Parul University. The club had come up with their 6th event which was a Mozilla Boot Camp. This Mozilla boot camp was organized on the considerable occasion of Mozilla’s 20th birthday. This boot camp was a 2 days boot camp , based on the basic introduction of Mozilla campus club ,on the basic elections and the seminar on the robotics which was conducted on the dates 31st of March 2018 and the 2nd of April 2018, where the venue was the Parul University, Parul Polytechnic Institute, B building.

Organizers of the events:-


  • Sumed Mistry
  • Krima Patel
  • Smit Vyas
  • Ishwariy Joshi


Faculty Mantor:-

  • Unnati Shah


 Description of Day 1:-

   On the 1st day, the event which was considered to be on the 31st of March 2018 was started with the considerable Introduction of Mozilla Campus Club as well as also give the basic introduction on Mozilla Firefox and its relationship with the open source on its 20th birthday, which was given day the campus club leader – sumed Mistry.


After the introduction of Mozilla Campus Clubs, the seminar was handed over to Speaker Ishwariy Joshi , who had taken the seminar on the Basic electronics.

Description of Day 2:-


On the day 2 the event which was considered to be on the 2nd of April 2018, that was continued to by the speaker Ishwariy Joshi on the topic called the Basic electronics.

And then the seminar was handed over to the Students of IT sector who had the great experience on the making of robotics.Here, they had explained the basics of robotics and its components like Adriano, control sensors, etc.

Ending of the event:-

The mob enjoyed the session of the boot camp with curious and enthusiastic faces.The ending of the event was considered by held a group photo with the participated mob.



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